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Now it is time to meet the ladies..........

These are the AQHA mares:    new_horse_pics_2010_014                                           

This is Flash in the winter of 2008.  As you can see she is a nicely colored gray with a nice big hip.  She was in foal in this photo so her tummy is pretty round, but she is still well put together.  Flash was broke as a 5 year old and I was told she had 'sand'.  She worked cows and could be part cat according to her quick feet.  Unfortunately, her ranching carrier was cut short by an injury, but she still can give us great foals for a few more years.  Each of her foals has had her big hip, kind eye and was either gray or roan.  They have also been willing, 'in your pocket' big athletic animals.  Her 2010 filly, Lil, is in the 'Photo Album' .  I am also posting Lil's pedigree on the mare page.  I will be posting pictures of her foals on the Photo Album page as they become available.  Here is her pedigree and I think you can see why she is worth keeping with greats like Dash For Cash and Colonel Freckles in her breeding.

                      Dash For Cash AQHA 1238058
                                     Dashing Dancer AQHA 1573138 
                                                               Miss Pep Straw AQHA 0785307 

                 Flash or Dash AQHA 3048241
                                                               Chico Boy AQHA 1216728
                                     Easy Vanetta AQHA 1992537 
                                                               Little Vanetta AQHA 0944322
Nightime Flash (Flash)
2001 Gray
AQHA 4119140

                                                               Colonel Freckles AQHA 0911585
                                     JR Freckles AQHA 1852576 
                                                               Sandhill's Birdy AQHA 1043868

                 Freckled Lil Lady AQHA 3038837
                                                               Old Taylor AQHA 0011521
                                     Li'l Old Lady AQHA 0583084 
                                                               Olney Lady AQHA 0031417

Hills2008,christmas2007,flashfilly050908_150This is Given.  Given was a 'rescue' horse.  She is put together and she likes to work cows.  She did some good work at the sale barn.  She put her ears back, her nose on the calf's butt and pushed them right along.  She is the first one to come to you in the pasture or barn and she is easy to catch.  She loads, stands for the farrier and vet, and she loves to be groomed.  She also had very nice palamino foals in 2010, 2011 and 2012  from three different stallions.    

                                                         Mr White Spats AQHA 1230694
                                     Dusty Spats AQHA 2061884
                                                               Dustys Road AQHA 1539315

                  Howdy Dust AQHA 3692449
                                                              Pawnee James AQHA 1600553
                                     Otoes Pawnee Maid AQHA 2446119 
                                                              Miss San Otoe Bars AQHA 1292277
Givens Pawnee Maid (Given)
2004 Cremello
AQHA 4931711

                                                              Pawnee's Hawk AQHA 0792102
                                    Pawnee James AQHA 1600553 
                                                              Jessie's Mac Bee AQHA 0881712

                  Otoes Pawnee Maid AQHA 2446119
                                                              Otoe Gill AQHA 0361954
                                    Miss San Otoe Bars AQHA 1292277 
                                                              Fredrick's Sandy AQHA 0406192

This is Pepper, the sorrel in the front of this mob.  Pepper is bred 'cow' up to her dainty little pointed ears.  She has been started under saddle and is very quick footed.  She has plenty of 'pepper' and we intended to further her training and put her in the arena next year, but we had an Oops.  The Colonel Freckles stallion we used for 2010 foals got into the fillies pasture and Pepper presented us an adorable little accident we have been calling Oops (on the ground behind her).  Oh well, there is always next year.  Pepper will be staying with us for a long time and will be sure to put a good many foals with great minds, abilities, and looks into the program.  

                                                                Son Ofa Doc AQHA 1106780                    
                                    Doctor Como AQHA 2124048 
                                                               Baby Foot AQHA 0322365

                 Comos Cottoneye AQHA 3381388
                                                               Son Ofa Doc AQHA 1106780
                                   Comos Delight AQHA 2124049 
                                                               Lynxs Baby Foot AQHA 1411231
Comos Vanzi Pep (Pepper)
2006 Sorrel
AQHA 4884945

                                                              Hollys Gold Peppy AQHA 1704798
                                   JK Vanzi Pep AQHA 2686691 
                                                              Miss Vanzi Jewel AQHA 1383453

                  JK Ima Vandairita AQHA 3567604
                                                              Doc Bruce AQHA 0994404
                                   Vandairita AQHA 2315145 

                                                             Van Dair AQHA 0361548

This is Oops!  She is a fine little filly that presented itself late in the spring of 2010.  The Colonel Freckles stallion we bred Given, our Cremello mare, to jumped the fence to the fillies and Oops was the result.  We think She is a keeper.  She has breeding, conformation, and attitude to spare.  She has been imprinted and  she is already a powerful little lady.  Check out her pedigree.

                                                                Colonel Freckles AQHA 0911585
                                           Triple Colonel AQHA 2246310
                                                                      Royal Jodie Bar AQHA 1422796

                         Triple Colonel Cody AQHA 4319499
                                                                     Zippo Bar Cody AQHA 1351409
                                           Docs Barbie Bar AQHA 3775613
                                                                     Docs Barbi Bones AQHA 3159427
HH Miss BabyDoc Como (Oops)
2010 Sorrel  
AQHA (Pending)

                                                                     DoctorComoAQHA 2124048                                                                       
                                           Comos Cottoneye AQHA 3381388 
                                                                    Comos Delight AQHA 2124049
                         Comos Vanzi Pep AHQA 4884945
                                                                     JK Vanzi Pep AQHA 2686691
                                           JK Ima Vandairita AQHA 3567604 
                                                                     Vandairita AQHA 2315145


IM002402This little lady is Lil.  Lil is the last daughter of Lil Easy Feature I will ever have and I am totally in love with her.  Easy passed away in the winter of 2009/2010.  Lil is only 3 months old in this picture and look at her size.  She has breeding, color (red roan), conformation, and attitude.  We are currently grooming her to show.  We plan to make Lil a permanent addition to our breeding program.  With blood lines like Dash For Cash, Easy Jet, Frosty Feature, and Colonel Freckles she is a great big step forward and upward in our attempts to improve the lines.  Updates will be posted as time goes on. 

                                                                               Dash For Cash AQHA 1238058
                                                 Lil Easy Cash AQHA 1474651
                                                                               Becky Meyers Jet AQHA 1080100

                         Lil Easy Feature AQHA 3277900  

                                                                              Frosty Feature AQHA 1382591
                                                 Miss Frosty Hancock AQHA 2408491 
                                                                              Tiny Bay Hancock AQHA 0697066
HH Lil Easy Feature (Lil)
2010 Red Roan 
AQHA (pending)

                                                                              Dashing Dancer AQHA 1573138
                                                 Flash or Dash AQHA 3048241 
                                                                              Easy Vanetta 1992537

                         Nightime Flash AQHA 4119140
                                                                             JR Freckles AQHA 1852576
                                                 Freckled Lil Lady AQHA 3038837 
                                                                             Li'l Old Lady AQHA 0583084

This is a picture of Lil as a yearling, July 9, 2011.  Look at her lean frame, long legs, chrome on the legs and nice flaxen colored mane and tail.


In August of 2010 I purchased this mare at auction.  She was fresh off the prairie and her tail had been cut back to get rid of debris and it looked like a mule tail.  However, I loved her.  She has a gentle bearing and a kind, intelligent eye.  She is a product of the Bob Jordan breeding program and her breeding is a good basis to build on with JD.  She was bred to Hustles Feature, a 2002 Driftwood, Frosty Feature, Sugar Bars bred stallion when I purchased her and she had a little black filly in 2011.  Her sire , Feature Jack, is Charmayne James pro-barrel horse (A Black Feature)'s full brother.  Here is her pedigree.

                                                           Truckle Feature (QH)
                                        Frosty Feature (QH)
                                                           Miss Leo Frost (QH)

                    Feature Jack (QH)

                                                           Sandy Jack Jordan (QH)
                                        Miss Toady Jack (QH)
                                                           Tejas Toad (QH)

Feature Playmate (Bunny)
1999 Gray
AQHA 3850277

Watch Joe Jack (QH)
                                        Watch Joe Bea Star (QH)
                                                            Flossie Pat Star (QH)

                   Star Playmate (QH)

                                                            Rocket Chex (QH)
                                        Chex Playmate (QH)
                                                            Nobel Socks (QH)

This mare has some age on her, but she is still pretty good looking.  She came to me from the same place I purchased my stallion JD Clarks Poco Bar.  We hope to get a few more good foals from her before she is retired.  They should be something wonderful to look at.

                                                                   Skip Fare AQHA#0318554
                                            Spanish Rythm AQHA#1152851
                                                                   Spanish Barb AQHA#0317928

                       MR Kino Snip AQHA#1585327

                                                                   Bossier Poco AQHA#0052040
                                           Kino Sniperod AQHA#0261793
                                                                   Reva King AQHA#0068988

Rythm Debutante
1992 Palomino 

                                                                  Sonny Champ AQHA#0112400
                                           Sonny Sirens AQHA#0689859
                                                                 Acereno AQHA#0259036

                     Sonnys Sweetheart AQHA#1416649

                                                                 Sargent Tippy AQHA#0033885
                                          Bon Debutante AQHA#0058499
                                                                 Brown Bonita AQHA#0015491

This is Dunny.  She also came from the same ranch as JD.  It is hard to tell with it stuck in the grass, but she has a very nice head and her body is not to bad either.  Her former owner said the JD cross with this mare produces good foals and we are anxiously awaiting the proof in the spring.

                                                                   Skip Fare AQHA#0318554
                                             Spanish Rythm AQHA#1152851
                                                                   Spanish Barb AQHA#0317928

                     Mr Kino Snip AQHA#1585327

                                                                    Bossier Poco AQHA#0052040
                                              Kino Sniperoo AQHA#0261793
                                                                    Reva King AQHA#0068988

Dakotas Spanish Reva (Dunny)
1993 Dun Mare

                                                                   Claude AQHA#0026156
                                               Claude's Adair AQHA#0097304
                                                                   Jailbird II AQHA#0042983

                  Dakota Adair AQHA#1163177

                                                                   Smoky's Cotton AQHA#0184089
                                               Cotton Cricket AQHA#0352563
                                                                   Sealy's Pride AQHA#0103400

Here are the Arab and 1/2 Arab mares and mare prospects:

This is Tango.  I purchased her in June of 2012.  She is a 2006 model and has many traits I was looking for to continue the  improvements to my breeding program.  She has size, breeding, and disposition.  This picture does not show her great form, but it does show her size, kind eye, and perky attitude.  I will be taking a 'proper' photo to show off her other assets and adding it to her stats soon.

Tango has also been used as a cutting horse so I am looking forward to her future here.

Here is her pedigree:

                                                                       Witraz 1938 B PASB
                                                  Celebes 1949 BPASB
                                                                      Canaria 1942 BVPASB

                              *Mellon 1969 B 0180786

                                                                      Grand 1944 B PASB
                                                  Mantyla 1961 B PASB
                                                                      Manilla 1955 G PASB

          Rare Chance 1992 B 0480323

                                                                      Indy 1947 G 0004382
                                                  Ilan+ 1966 B 0035805
                                                                      Coufara 1957 G 0011942

                              Hilltops Maet 1978 B 0175381

                                                                      Hanraff 1943 C 0002733
                                                  Hara 1966 C 0035804
                                                                      Bint Raml 1960 C 0016607

BAS Tango for Cash (Tango)
2006 Bay
AHA #0624271

   Mak 1956 C RASB
                                                  Kumir 1973 C RASB
                                                                      Kapella 1957 C RASP

                              Mukomol 1979 C RASB

                                                                      Aswan 1958 G RASB
                                                  Malinka 1973 G RASB
                                                                      Malutka 1968 G RASB

          Bogema 1995 B 0551800

                                                                      Nebag 1966 B RASB
                                                  Pesniar 1975 B RASB
                                                                      Pesnia 1969 C RASB

                              Bastilia 1982 B RASB

                                                                      Patron 1957 G RASB
                                                  Nepokornaia 1973 C RASB
                                                                      Naina II 1961 G RASB
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